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About Travel Nursing

Traveling Nursing Can Be A Very Rewarding Career With A Lot of Perks.

At GMN, we see you as more than just a body filling a role—you are a highly sought-after professional with dreams and aspirations. Our number one goal as your recruiter will be to work with you one-on-one to help you achieve your goals.

Our recruiters fully understand the time and dedication that travel nursing requires all while allowing you to fulfill career goals with maintaining your flexibility and freedom. That is why we put you first, so you never have to compromise your work or pay.

We provide assistance to help you obtain a new state license and work wherever you want. We will cover miscellaneous expenses, including your housing stipend, and never charge exploitative fees.

Life as a traveling Nurse

Travel nursing is a chance to get paid to see the country, advance your career by honing your clinical skills and make a difference. Travel nursing involves working temporary positions anywhere from 8-26 weeks at a time, though most assignments have an average of around 13 weeks. Each travel nurse has a say as to where they are assigned to work and their desired specialty. You choose your own adventure. Do busy city lights call your name? Then head anywhere from The Big Easy to The Big Apple and every place in between. Maybe you enjoy whitewater rafting down the Colorado or hiking the Redwoods. Maybe relaxation is your travel preference, then grab your flip-flops and kick back in the white sands on a beach in Miami. Agencies coordinate with clinics, hospitals, and other facilities to assist with filling the demand for their services nationwide.

Many of our travelers are either Registered Nurses (RNs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs), or Allied healthcare professionals. They are equipped to handle multiple functions such as running diagnostic tests, creating personalized treatment plans, and providing hands-on patient care.